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Sep 24, 2016
My name is Nathan and I have lurked long enough. I live around the Tulsa area, in Oklahoma. I have a Mes 40 Bluetooth which I just acquired a week ago and have already placed a mailbox mod on with at least 10ft of smoke cooling/cleaning pipe on. I plan on expanding to the 21ft grande pipe cold smoking goodness that I found on this site, but I need to pace myself a little. My internal probe is slow to adjust but catches up nicely if my Taylor probe can be trusted. Did a max temp run and the internal temp does not go over 280 over 2 hours so I am happy.
I am currently running the Amazn-pellet tray with 3/4 apple and 1/4 hickory cold smoking with ice in my pan (10 degrees cooler in There!!!) stable at 70 degrees. (Can't wait for cooler weather) Cheese Carbo extra sharp, Cheetos, and some olives.

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Well I pulled it all. Olives three hours good, 3.5 hrs for cheese, and 40 min for the now non-existent Cheetos. (Bought 2 more bags, will go 30 min 2nd try) temp never went over 75 and it is reading 91 ambient. I do not want to wait 2 weeks to try the cheese but I will. Thank you Mr T for all of your cheese info.

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Wish me luck next is the hot smoke of Venison shoulder and 1 Tbone dry aged 35 days (just a few more needed), and some bone in rib-eyes. I love having an actual butcher shop for meats. But the shoulder is not mine but I do get a cut of it.

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Thank you Thank you!!!! SMF!!! Smoked at 175 till IT 125. Rested 10min.

Seared on my grill with Royal Oak.

Melts like butter!!!! Venison not up to IT 135 yet. Eating with baked red potatoes slathered in smoked butter.

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