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Jeff Wright

Smoking Fanatic
Original poster
Jul 12, 2018
Southern Missouri
Well, after about 3 years off I have returned. My electric smoker went up in flames about 3 years ago and I got out of the habit of smoking. Always enjoyed the friends and conversations I had here (and even won the fantasy football league in this group this year!). I have bought a new Pit Boss pellet, so back again. From Springfield, Mo and an old guy. Looking forward to getting back in the saddle. Happy Father's Day to all that apply and have a smokin' weekend!
My wife won me a PB700R2 w/sear slide on a $20 raffle ticket! It does a good job, especially grilling steaks. However, I still prefer my MES40 Gen 2 for long smokes like Boston Butt doing pulled pork using a 12" AMNPS tube of pellets for 4 hours of nice wispy smoke. Enjoy that Pit Boss - everything I've heard places it way above Traegers.
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