Heads up...Costco has Kingsford Pro Comp back in stock!

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Jan 18, 2020
I was surprised to find a palate full at the Costco in SouthWest Austin Sat, they had switched to Kirkland brand and after trying that variation, and I was very dissapointed, so I grabbed two combo packs.
On second thought I should have grabbed more.
A few months ago I called Costco corporate offices and asked if they were going to restock the Pro/Comp and was told negatory so this resupply was a welcome surprise.
That is great news. I too tried the Kirkland brand briquettes and was very disappointed. It burned fast, was not that hot and produced a ton of ash. I was surprised at the performance especially since I like the Kirkland pellets.
I saw Kingsford Pro Comp in the East Hanover, NJ Costco just yesterday. Surprised me. I'd recently bought a two-pack of the Kirkland brand, when that was all they had...haven't used any of it yet.
My complaint with the Kirkland is it's terrible when trying to reuse half or quarter burned briquettes.
The used B+B and Kirkland crumble when picked up to place in a starter chimney.
Kingsford Pro/Comp briquettes can be relit over and over until the leftovers are too small to use, and they stay together.
In fact sometimes I prefer used briquettes if I'm doing a small quick cook like two burgers.
Update, without pics it never happened..


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