Having serious problems with smokey hollow 4 in 1

Discussion in 'Grilling Tips' started by myvanhascandy, Jun 29, 2013.

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    I've put stove cord around the seams of the charcoal and firebox. I cant for the life of me get the temperature of the charcoal box to go above 200 unless i put the charcoal directly in that box. I am in some serious need of help with this grill. I have half a mind to toss it since my 50$ masterforge has worked better than this 400$ monstrosity. Does anyone have any experience with this c.o.s

    Addendum* i read the temperature from the dome and not the grates and no matter what i do the dome wont rise above 150 right now but the grates say 180+ with my thermometer. I didnt boil test the dome thermometers. Does anyone have experience with this grill? Specifically thr dome thermometers to see if the temp isnt right.
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  2. I have never been around one so I will not be much help. You have to be able to get airfow to get heat. You also have to have fuel to burn. What are you using for fuel?

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    I used 1 1/2 chimneys of brick charcoal and i made sure to elevate it so it is closer to the firebox vent. I have yet to find an adequate c.o.s vent setting. The only way this has been able to smoke is with indirect charcoal in the charcoal portion of the grill. I must be doing something wrong. Im not a novice with make cheap smokers work with mods and welder blankets. But the fact that i cant get the pffset temp past 200 is ridiculous.
  4. i wish I could tell you what would make it work for you. remember top vent wide open......If it is not making heat....bottome vent wide open....Have you checked your temp gauge? a lot of them don't work worth Sth. Did you have the chimney going good when you put it in?

    1# of charcoal will put out about 9000 btu

    the more detail you can give us. the better we can help.

    Happy smoken.

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    Any chance you have the smoke hollow CGS1800 I had a problem my first time could only get to 225 when I added charcoal it would last for 20 minutes
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    Problem has been fixed. I actually haven't done a thing to it. I run all my dampers closed because there are leaks. But it runs between around 230 steadly

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