has anyone ever done Pork Roll (Taylor)

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Jun 7, 2006
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We get pork roll around here and I love it. We just grill it and put it on a bun with some cheese and ketchup and relish. You have to cut a slice in each piece or they curl up. When you're done they look like pac man slices. The best around here is Taylor pork roll. I haven't seen this mentioned yet....
Also referred to as Taylor Ham...I just looked it up in wikipedia, unless your from Philly/NJ area, you maybe never heard of it. It has to be made like some kind of sausage...I can't find a recipe anywhere (other than what to do with it).


We have it in all the grocery stores here in MD .............. I have never had it before. I guess we could try to smoke it like a fatty ..............?
It's more sausage looking than bologna. I went and got some Friday, I was thinking about making it like a fattie but it didn't make it past breakfast.
I think it's definitely processed like sausage. Instead of a regular casing, it looks like it's forced into canvas like "bags". It really is awesome, I was hoping that someone may have a recipe to actually make the pork roll.
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