Happy Birthday Jed!

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bauchjw bauchjw … Jed, Happy Birthday my friend! Hope it was an awesome day!

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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday fella, later on I'll raise my glass to you! RAY

Have a good day Jed !

What time ? How 'bout noonish ?

My stalker game is strong lolView attachment 649470

Noon is OK for a beer, the cocktail hour can begin around three without getting too many not-so-funny funny looks. RAY

Very appreciated Jake, thank you guys! On the road back to Virginia right now otherwise I’d have a better response! But Thank you!
Happy Birthday🍻

Just realized I've been left unsupervised . Time frame just got bumped up ,,, For Jed's birthday and all .

Happy birthday, Jed. I'll have a beer or three in your honor this afternoon while I'm on the patio waiting for the rain to move in.😀

Happy Birthday Jed!


I’m toasting you right now Jed!
Happy Birthday 🎉

Happy B-Day Jed!

Happy birthday Jed!

View attachment 649482

Grandma always has wine...couldn't make up my mind so having both!


Happy Birthday!!

Well a very happy birthday to you , wonder what else TNJAKE TNJAKE knows about everyone, lol

Have a good one Jed


Wow...almost missed this one. Been out in the garage for the past 3 days welding together steel Christmas trees. Glad I managed to slither into the forum for a few minutes before dinner. Happy birthday my friend!! Hope it was great, especially coupled with the Thanksgiving holiday. Thanks TNJAKE TNJAKE for posting this.


Thank you everyone, I appreciate your time and thoughts. I’m happy to help contribute to your day drinking and double fisting justification🤣
Happy Birthday!!!🎁

Happy B-day Jed


Happy birthday, hope you had a great day!

bauchjw bauchjw … Jed, Happy Birthday my friend! Hope it was an awesome day!

View attachment 649506

Happy Birthday bother Jed, and many decades more!

Thank you guys! I appreciate your time and thoughts. It was a strange birthday, but this helped. I guess having a cyber stalker has its advantages!
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