Had A Little Smoking/Christmas Party. Turned Out Great!

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  1. Had my smoker for a couple of weeks and have been smoking almost daily to prep for a big Christmas party at our new place in Redondo Beach. Man, was it a hit. I love my MES with cold smoker. I have to admit, I wouldn't have felt the same about the MES without the cold smoking kit and the Maverick 733. I think they are both must haves. The cold smoker is only $59.99 shipped from Cabelas, so it's a no-brainer. I'd also like to thank Todd and Rhonda (??) for fixing me up with the Maverick 733. Glad I bought from them. The first one would kill the batteries while it was turned off, so they sent me another unit immediately with a return label so I could keep using the first one until it arrived. Classy folks right there. Second one works fine. Loving the unit and plan to get a second 40".

    Smoked Turkey went in at about 8:30am, came out at 2:30pm.

    Chocolate covered pretzels with crumbled mesquite smoked bacon.

    Smoked Almonds with cayenne pepper dipped in dark Belgium chocolate

    These got clobbered pretty fast.

    6 different kinds of smoked cheese:

    And much, much more. :)
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    You have this smoking illness bad, isn't it great?

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