Gyu Kaku (Korean bbq) grill?

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I have beat google senseless trying to find the brand of grill that gyu kaku uses. Does anyone have any leads on where to get one? For those that have never been. It’s a Korean bbq restaurant and they have a small round personal stainless propane grill recessed in each table at the restaurant. You all sit around the table and grill your meats individually. It’s a great and fun experience. Just a really good social event. I’d like to build something similar at home to have guests over. There are easy to find little knock off type similar “grills” but most look like cheap junk. Was just wondering if anyone had success in finding those exact style grills for sale anywhere.


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I think you are correct. They use a different grill grate but everything else looks pretty spot on.
I think it has different grates . Flat , cone shaped and one that was inverted . Also a down draft and an updraft . Looks cool . I wonder how much .
I'll narrow it down for you guys. I found the 200 model for 600.00, and the 400 model for 2300.00. For some reason they don't post the price of the 300. I'm pretty sure I read the 300 sits on a tripod, and the 400 is in-counter.

I think the 300 and 400 are the same. It's just the bases that are different. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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