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    Found a recipe online last year and it came out okay.searched on here and was amazed at the Gumbo info (Foam) so being we liked it.

    Lets do some pics


    Players for today

    Double smoked Sausage and Chicken Thighs

    Sausage browning

    Set aside to put back in the Roux

    Thighs I did not remove the skin

    After sauteing I boiled to finish cooking

    Onion,celery,bell pepper ready for the Roux

    Thighs are out cooling

    Roux starting and yes I left some of the bits in the pot

    30 minutes into it 

    Now you you know how fast you can lose this so wife took a pic for me

    getting darker

    Chicken stock being added


    Chicken was added then the green onions and file to finish

    Stirred and simmered for another 10 minutes.

    Finished pics later

    Thanks for looking 


    Transferred to a smaller pot

    Served over White Rice.

     Thanks for watching

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  2. waterinholebrew

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    Wow, nice job Richie ! I really need to do some gumbo, yours looks real tasty ! Nice thread ! :drool
  3. foamheart

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    Gumbo = soup over rice.......

    Looks good Richie. I will suggest that instead of the wife taking pictures during the roux, you get her to hold your beer. That way you can concentrate better on the roux, and she can give you a drink.

    Hope it comes out to your liking. Its so easy to bend the recipe to your will once you do your first one.
  4. chewmeister

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    Looks good, but, where's the okra?
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  5. b-one

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    Looking tasty!:drool
  6. GaryHibbert

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    Hey Richie.

    Looking good.  [​IMG]    Waiting for the final pics.

  7. tropics

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    Justin it is tasty,my wife and I enjoyed it last night.Thanks for the Points I appreciate it

  8. tropics

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    Kevin We enjoyed our dinner,just have to remember next time to make some Corn Bread.

  9. tropics

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    Tried Okra once wasn't for me.Thanks for dropping by

  10. tropics

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    that it is.

  11. tropics

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    Gary thanks for stopping by and the nice comment  the finished dish is posted

  12. Truth be told we don't put okra in our gumbo very often down in cajun country. There are many subtle and not so subtle regional variations in the cooking throughout Louisiana. I had some relatives from Brusly and Port Allen area that put okra in their gumbo often. I was born and raised in Baton Rouge and every so often had gumbo with okra in it. I moved to Lafayette later in life and in all my years living in Lafayette, I never saw okra in gumbo. Go figure. 

    The further east you get, toward New Orleans, the roux gets lighter and subsequently thicker (the darker the roux the less thickening power it has). As you get further west, toward Lafayette and cajun country, the roux for gumbo gets darker and you get subsequently thinner gumbo. FWIW, as mentioned by Foam, gumbo is a soup. It is in the soup section on menus in restaurants in Acadiana (that't the official term for cajun country-the area surrounding Lafayette). The reason we put a little rice in it is because we put rice in everything. So typically, its not something served over rice, like rice and gravy, but soup that we put a little rice in when we serve it. If you want to get really hardcore cajun we eat gumbo with potato salad quite often and you will likely see someone plopping a dollop of tater salad in their bowl of gumbo as well. Hell, then tear off a hunk of french bread and go to dipping!!! Damn, Im getting hungry as I am typing. 

    One other little tidbit: In cajun country, tomatoes are not allowed in the same zip code as gumbo. Any recipe that has tomatoes in the Gumbo is not cajun gumbo and the cook who does this is subject to jail time or steep fine of both!!

    Having said all of that, it is really what you like so the main thing is to have fun and enjoy. As an example, I visited a friend out of state once who served me "Jambalaya". This stuff wasn't near bout even close to anything resembling Jambalaya. But ya know what?? It was damn delicious. It wasn't Jambalaya but it was good whatever it was. We pushed away from the table fat and happy and thats all that really matters. 

    Laissez les bons temps rouler!
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  13. Oh, and Tropics, you Gumbo looks damn good. I'd sure eat it. 
  14. eman

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    Fine looking gumbo!

     Like tbrtt1 says gumbos down here in Louisiana vary from not only town to town but even from family to family.

    The Cajun part of the state makes a good dark roux and yes we Love a scoop of tater salad right in the middle of the bowl.

      The new Orleans area / creoles do use tomatoes in their gumbo.  I use okra in my chicken / sausage / andoullie gumbo but not in my seafood gumbo.

     Also i only use rice in seafood gumbo . The flavors of the seafood can be changed / covered up by the potato salad.

     Now that you know how to make a good gumbo. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE  go to any restaurant in your area that serves something they call gumbo and set them straight on what it is and how it's made.
  15. bbqwillie

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    +1 on that!

    One other reason rice is historically important in Acadiana is Riviana Rice. They had massive rice fields in the area West and South of Lafayette, stretching almost to Lake Charles. Rice was cheap and plentiful. And I like okra in my gumbo...... [​IMG]
  16. crazymoon

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    Richie, Fine looking gumbo sir ![​IMG]
  17. chewmeister

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    I use some tomato and a good amount of okra in my seafood gumbo and serve it over rice. I grow a lot of okra and use it in other dishes as well. Pickled okra is awesome as well.
  18. tropics

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    CM Thanks It is tasty and I think it will get better as I learn.Thanks for the Point I appreciate it

  19. chewmeister

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    Richie, I find it tastes even better the next day.
  20. foamheart

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    Gumbo = soup over rice

    Every one has their own favorites and stories. Its just like smoking! There is isn't a wrong way just the way you are trying it today.

    A couple more gumbos and you'll be telling stories too....... <chuckles> the more you hear the more you'll form your gumbo.

    Personally I like a shrimp & okra or a chicken and okra gumbo, but I like okra. Course I like oysters and andouille, and crab, and sausage, and etc..... Man when you start making your andouille and sausage to your own taste just for jambalaya and gumbo, you just knock it out of the park!

    Gumbo is like the old story of the traveling soldiers and the pot of rock soup.

    Before you ask:

    PS Captain Kangaroo told the story bestest!
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