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Growing Cherry Tomatoes


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Very Low on the Glycemic Index are cherry tomatoes, and are a great snack food. Instead of buying them, I'd like to grow them. In large planters from established plants, starting with two to begin with. Any tips?


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We like the super 100s .They are big producers. If there are only a couple people eating off of the plants two plants will keep you with plenty of tomatoes. Keep the fruit on the plant until they pop of with just a slight twist just right before they fall off on there own. They are so sweet its almost like candy!


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I agree with Sowsage, Sweet 100's are the best. Look into 5-7 gallon fabric pots, I did some peppers and basil in them for the first time this year and the plants seem to love it. I'll be doing tomatoes in them next year for sure.


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My favorite after growing a host of the hybrids and heirloom is Sungolds. They are a orange cherry with very full tomato flavor. The plants are indestructible and very prolific producers. It’s the only one we grow now.
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We grow Sun Sugar every year. They are like little candy pops.
Last summer the wife bought four of these planters. One will easily handle two tomato plants.
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I think I've always done Sweet 100's inn the past. What ever the store had out front. They were really good, especially the one from plants the dog "watered".

However, last year my son-in-law did some Juliet (a Burpee brand) cherry tomatoes. They were excellent and very big for a cherry tomato. We're talking 2 bite tomatoes here.
I think I will give them a shot next year.


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One thing I can suggest is using potash when growing tomatoes. I find that makes them great tomatoes and gives a higher yield, when I start seeing flowers I start feeding them potash and reduce nitrogen fertiliser.

For good yield and fruit quality, tomatoes need an ample supply of potassium (potash) which can be supplied with fertilizer, wood ashes and organic matter


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