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Sep 7, 2009
Looking for a new grinder and could use a little help if you could.  Currently using using the "KitchenAid" attachment on the mixer and it's just brutal.  We usually do at least one elk and one deer plus pork and beef roast here and there, maybe 20 lbs at a time a few times a year plus the game meat.  While I don't mind spending money for a good, lasting machine a $500+ machine is not in the budget as much as I would love to be able to chuck a roast in and out comes grind.  I looked around and most are favoring the KitchenAid attachment for a budget grinder but I have to think for a few hundred you can snag something that will smoke that!  Also I know nothing about grinder so any info is greatly welcomed!

Thanks for the help in advance!!!
Also looking at this stuffer to go with the new grinder if any has in input that would be awesome!

This is what I would go with if I were you. I also have an older version of the same one.

View media item 495918

Alot of people think its overkill but I have found that I burn thru the meat super fast so I don't have to worry about it warming up while grinding. When I had a smaller one the meat would warm up if I had too much to do at 1 time.
How big is the feed opening and do you have to 'force' the meat into the auger?  The reason I ask is the KitchenAid has about a 1 1/8 inch feed chute to the auger and you have to really push hard to get the meat to feed and that is what is killing me.  You have to cut the meat in such small chunks and nearly have to manually push it through is killing production.

Thanks again!
I'm like Brian.. i have the older version... 1/2 hp Cabelas .. I can;t feed the meat fast enough.. no pushing/mashing/forcing ... cut your meat in long strips and the auger pulls it right in ... but serious... you can't feed the meat fast enough into these grinders...
I would advise you not to get this stuffer your looking at... the long elbow out the bottom of the stuffer holds a LOT of meat that doesn't get stuffed into the casing... Northern Tool has a good 5 lb stuffer with the metal gears...
Id have to measure but I cut my butts into 2" wide strips and I just drop it in strip by strip and dont use the tamper. It will grind 6-7lbs of meat a minute so you will chew thru some meat.

As for stuffer I have the one that you are looking at and it works well. But like Keith said there is a bit of meat left in the elbow at the bottom.

Here is my set up , Grinder is from North%#@ T*@#L  ,had the motor ,cushion blocks I orderered ,I make alot of deer sausage(200lbs every year ) and this unit will take as much as you can stuff in the throat of the grinder , probably $120 bucks total ,just don't like the self contained throw away jobs you can't get parts for or fix ,my two cents 
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I would consider products with good reviews. I personally own a cabelas size for you is  #8 to a #12 grinder head you really don't need a larger grinder for the amount of production you require, unless you plan on a mixer attachment in the future, as for a sausage stuffer a 5-11lb.will do the job just make sure it has a dual speed gear ratio this will aid in faster operation...also consider the size for storage of your new equipment.the last tip in the month of December is the best deals/time to buy.

I hope this helps
I have a cabelas 1 hp grinder and it is a great grinder ........... not cheap ............ " long after the price is forgotten , the quality remains " is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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