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GrillGrates - Lower temps on thermometer?

Discussion in 'Slicers, Grinders, Tools, Equipment' started by illini40, Sep 23, 2018.

  1. illini40

    illini40 Smoking Fanatic

    Hello all

    I have used my GrillGrates now three times on my Weber gas grill. I really like them.

    I feel like I'm getting lower or slower temp readings on the thermometer on the grill.

    Is this normal?

    I am not questioning the performance of the GrillGrates. I suspect they are heating up nicely. I just feel like with them on, that temp gauge is showing that the grill is slower to heat up and not getting as hot as what it would have previously.

    For reference, I have them laying on top of the factory grates.

    I have not checked the temp at the GrillGrates.
  2. fivetricks

    fivetricks Smoking Fanatic


    A; factory thermos are notoriously unreliable.

    B; it looks like this GrillGrates would be slower to heat up than Factory grillgrates because the aftermarket ones are more about thermal Mass because the holes are fewer but considerably smaller. it's like when you throw a pan full of sand into a larger smoker it takes longer to heat up but the temperature remins more consistent and less prone to spiking