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Sep 24, 2016
New to the forum.  Long-time lurker.  Been smoking for about 15 years on relatively low end cookers.  Prefer to burn splits, but settle for chunks w or w/o charcoal.  Cooked with hickory, mesquite, pecan (love pecan), alder, oak, cherry, apple, maple.  It's just an avocation for friends and family, but demand and my desire to improve made me decide that it's time to upgrade.  Does anyone have experience with the Good One Heritage Oven (stand-alone or drop-in)?  I can't find specific reviews.

Thanks in advance. 
Welcome to the group!

I do not have experience with that oven, but would love to hear why pecan is your favorite wood to smoke with.  My buddy in GA, his family has a pecan farm and also grows peaches and plums.  I will have access to pieces of cut trees, so I am interested in why you like the pecan wood.

Thanks and enjoy this forum.  The people here are amazing!
Welcome to the forum!  I can't help with that cooker, but 15 years on low end smokers should have you ready for any upgrade.

Hi.  Pecan has a nice light smoke that blends well with other woods to add a nutty and slightly sweek accent.
Thanks for the input, looks like it is time to poke at him for some cut pieces to add to my collection. 

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