green egg or a tech grill

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  1. im debating about getting another pit... I just built me a cook off machine a RF 30x60 cooks amazing but that bad thing about it. Is when I just want to cook a slab of ribs or briskets it cost too much wood to start it up... So the question is what are yalls opinions on the egg or this new pit I found. A rec tec grill Thanks for the help
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  2. I have a vision kamado similar to a bge and I love it. It's so versatile.  I can grill burgers ,steaks or home made pizzas at high heat or I can lowand  slow ribs ,butts and brisket.  It's easy to control temps once you get the hang of it. I've done 16 hour cooks and still had plenty of coal left from the first load. It really is amazing grill/smoker. This is not a Jack of all trades master of none. This thing does an excellent job on everything and it only coat me around 600 at Costco. Feel free to look thru my profile for my cooks to see the food.

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