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Dec 10, 2017
Yorkshire Dales, U.K.
Folks, I’m after some advice on how high the main grate of your smokers are above ground level. I’ve just started My first ever build and I’m looking for a little direction relating to average the grate height before I start making my frame.

thanks in advance
Just my 2 cents, but I don't thing a grate height for someone else is what to base your grate height on.
I'd make it for a height that is comfortable for you.

The LSG I bought is too high for me with my bad shoulders.
I have a 6" platform in front to help ease the pain in my shoulders when lifting.
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Agree with the above . When I built a stand for my MES ( Auber controller on top ) I held my arm out at a comfortable reach , then took a measurement to the ground .
Subtracted out all the elements involved to realize a top of stand height .
Standard height for a kitchen island or countertop is 36", a dining table 30". Stand at each and see what feels comfortable to you. What's perfect for someone who's 5'6" might not work that well for someone that's 6'5", see what feels good to you and adjust. RAY
Thanks all for the feedback so far. I’m aware that the ergonomics for one wouldn’t suit another which Is why I was interested to see what actual heights people had theirbgrates at as a starting point. I’ve never cooked or even lifted the lid on an offset smoker so I don’t have any hands on experience to work from.
My MB 1050 is 36" but I have an offset that sits about 2 " lower, but feels like 2 feet lower & I'm around 6'1". I agree with all the above. But guessing most smokers are around the 36" range
I would say that's a big part of it as well .
I don't build offsets , but I've lifted the lid on a few . Some are a struggle with the reach as the lid opens .
Yes, good point, I’ve read that too Chopsaw, I suppose the saving grace is that I’m making this one, I can fashion the handle to suit
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