Got another grill...clearance Lowes tabletop propane steak grill

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Dec 17, 2019
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last week there was a thread on various grills to use for steaks and the like. after bragging on my 7+ year old charbroil x200 grill-to go. I went out to the patio to fire it up for a couple of t-bones and the regulator took a shit. still not bad for 7+ years of service. I has been a great grill for patio, boat, and 4-wheelin. it gets hotter than hell + 5 degrees.after the toil of loading my 560 for 2 steaks I said no more. On my saturday visit to lowes and obligatory browse through the grill section. I was thinking of dropping coin on a weber Q1200. ($259.00) I looked on the shelf and they had three of these (charbroil) on the shelf with a $119.00 clearance tag. couldn't justify and extra benjamin on the weber when my charbroil has served me so well. it would have been almost 1/2 that to get a new regulator and infra-red grate. this grill was not even listed in stock at my local lowes..... you mileage may vary but highly recommended for a portable. chrbroil grill-to-go x200.


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Aug 13, 2022
Nice buy! Discounted equipment is one of the nice things about going into the fall.
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