Got a new BBQs Galore Offset Smoker.

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Original poster
May 28, 2013
Mission Viejo,CA.
Just built it today. Got it for $99 including cover last weekend.

It's very thick guage steel for the price range. But have some gripes about it as some of the screws could be longer for the warmer, also they had a nut welded on crooked so I could not attach the firebox as well as I would have liked to because of leaving off a screw. Also the screws heads would strip easily if you did any kind of torquing.

It's got a clamshell lid so there are leaks there of course.

I am new at this and have read bout modding. But I was wondering what type of screws would I need to use for a smoker heat-wise? I would like to replace a few and drill out that crooked weld-on nut and secure things better.

Thanks for any info?
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