GOSM Vertical Box-- CHUNK FIRED!

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tell you what bbq

Smoke Blower
Original poster
Apr 9, 2007
Hey...I am looking for some feedback. I have been using a vertical box...36' Great Outdoors Smoky Mtn. for 3 years. Cooks me some super Q. I have a problem maintaining 225. Anyone else use this box...LIKES ...DISLIKES/

Any feedback....I am looking to upgrade...WOOD/COAL only...

Thank you!

I've got the 3605 GOSM and have had it for a few years and never have had a problem maintaining temps unless it was very cold and windy out. I use mostly chips for smoke and just got tuned into refilling the tray every 45-60 minutes. I stopped using the water pan, and use a pizza stone covered in foil for the heat sink, you might want to try it.
Thanks SWAMP...every 45-60 minutes is a HASSLE when you smoke a brisket for 14 hours!!!

I use 'minion method' from 2am until about 6am...then fill/replace tray every 2 or 3 hrs. Still hae trouble with a full smoker to maintain 225..however.

I will try pizza stone...as well as the 'play sand' method.
I misunderstood the cooker you're using. Mine is the propane GOSM. If I come across a used charcoal GOSM I'm going to get a Char-Griller side firebox and mod them together!
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