Gonna build an ugly barrell smoker

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just one, make sure you have enough draft on the bottom. A couple 3/4" nipples with ball valves is better than one large one. I have three on mine. Ball valves are important so you can control your flow.
mstrmike> were are you located...If you are close enough, I wouldn't mind giving you a hand on that build....if you could use one ?
OOP's, a little to far for a UDS build party. Wish I could give you a hand with it. When you do get it built don't forget to post some Q-views....I love to see others ideals on builds.....Shoneyboy BTW: " Happy New Years"
Here is a video on how I built mine.  Not a step by step but will give you general Idea.

Thanks for the input I'll add an additional wire shelf for a water pan. Im thinking about 2 inches above coal basket.
One thing I forgot to mention is using a UDS as a grill also. I put my fire basket up higher and move my other grill to the top. Works out great.

Thanks everyone I think (not good for me).. i have a plan I've read and searched sights and links for more hours than it should take to build it. I'll try and post some pictures and updates when i get the barrell i ordered.
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