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Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by aaronsnow, Apr 27, 2013.

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    Yes...I know most of you veterans have already rolled your eyes because you've seen this thread 100s of times.  I'm just looking for a little validation I guess.  When I bought my analog MES 30, I quickly realized that I had made a mistake not buying a MES 40...I dont want to make that mistake again. 

    Since entering the hobby of smoking last year, my wife has really come to enjoy it and encourage it.  So, today we were at Costco and saw a demonstration of the Traegers.  I had only ever heard good things about them, but after falling in love with my AMZNPS, I really have signed off on using pellets.  Watching how easy it can be to use the traeger and the features seemed awesome.  Before I left costco my wife was actually encouraging me to go buy the Traeger Lil Tex Elite.  So I wanted a little bit of research before making an impulse buy.  After only about an hour it looks like GMG Daniel Boone may be the better choice.  

    The Traeger seems to have some build quality issues and does not maintain temps well.  This is just from reading reviews and forum posts...

    Am I crazy to think that GMG is the right choice?  I believe I've seen a lot of Traeger owners wishing they had purchased a GMG.
  2. Hello Aaron,

    I am in the same position as you in looking for a pellet grill solution. Since you are interested in the GMG as well, go the Green Mountain Grill website and they have a comparison chart to the Traeger. Obviously, they are prejudiced but it will give you a few things to consider.


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    GMG is definitely a step up from a Traeger

    RecTec is another good choice

    Louisiana Grills is also a good Choice

    I own a Traeger Texas(Clone), and upgraded the controller.  I'm happy with what I have, but we always want bigger and better.  It's just human nature.

    What's the price of the Traeger Elite at Costco?

  4. aaronsnow

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    The traeger elite is 699 at Costco. Obviously the convenience of buying that is I wouldn't have to go find a GMG dealer, but I don't want to have purchase regret when spending 700-800 bucks. I may go with the GMG without a remote because I have a maverick et732...seems good enough.
  5. tjohnson

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    Does the elite have the digital controller?
    There are GMG dealers all over
    What city do you live in?
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  6. aaronsnow

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    Yeah it has the digital controller. Can't speak to its effectiveness though, read some folks have replaced it with a PID. Because the original wasnt great.
  7. bear55

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    After my research, I purchased the Rec Tec.  Grill arrived and I am so happy so far.
  8. aaronsnow

    aaronsnow Fire Starter

    Is Rec Tec similar price point to GMG? I'll have to look at those too
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  9. aaronsnow

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    By the way Todd, I live in the DC area...there are a couple around here.  Guess it's too much to think it would be on Amazon Prime!
  10. seenred

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    I researched both GMG and Traeger before I decided to purchase a Rec Tec.  It's a little more money than the two rigs you mentioned, but I believe is a step above in both capacity and quality.  The Rec Tec is $998 with 0% financing for up to 24 months, and IMO it has one of the best digital temp controls on the market.  If that's more than you wanted to spend, my research would steer you toward the GMG.  I'm sure the Traeger is a good pit, but I'm led to believe from many of the reviews I've read that the digital temp control on the Daniel Boone is a bit better. 

    Good luck, and be sure and let us know what you decide to get.

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  11. aaronsnow

    aaronsnow Fire Starter

    Thanks red, appreciate the input. Definitely leaning towards the GMG. I'm already "pushing it" with the purchase as it is. The GMGs have $100 off right now, so that's a bonus.

    Either way it will be a huge step up from the MES 30 I have now. No more cutting racks of ribs in half to make them fit, and no more dealing with the crappy analog temp controller. Ooh, and no more dealing with the cabinet style box.
  12. aaronsnow

    aaronsnow Fire Starter

    Well I think it's safe to say that my mind is made up. Going to go with the GMG Daniel Boone. I found a dealer close by in the D.C. metro area, but it's still a good 45 minute drive depending on traffic around this area. Called the shop and they have the Daniel Boone in stock.

    Hoping to have it before this weekend so I can get started.
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  14. aaronsnow

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    Used her for the first time tonight...

    Brisket and beer can chicken on Saturday!


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  15. aaronsnow

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    Well it's been a weekend full of smoking!  Love this GMG already...

    Yesterday I did two chickens (no brine, if i had time to brine would have been much better), veggies smoked for salsa and then 2 lbs of almonds.

    Now I've got a dry rub on my brisket...that will be on the smoker before too long

  16. iebbqman

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    Nice job.  GMG grills are great units.  We have a competition team near me that is sponosored by GMG and they are winning everything they go to it seems.  So you have a winning grill their.
  17. flyweed

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    looks good you use your GMG DB more and'll continue to be impressed!  From your photos looks like your stainless steel chimney cap is set a bit too high....screw it down until you can just get two fingers between chimney and cap..that will be perfect.

    Otherwise, I've found on my GMG DB that the best pellets to use are the GMG Premiums....I've tried many, and these burn the most consisten, and evenly of any I've tried.

    Also, If I might suggest.....if you want a little "more smoke" for one of your cooks, get the AMAZN tube smoker from Todd Johnson, and set that on the back ledge inside the fits perfectly, and ads a nice "smoke" to those butts, and briskets!!

  18. beernuts

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    I purchased the GMG DBR in February.  I've used it a minimum of once a week since I got it.  I did get two worthwhile options with mine. First was the remote.  I don't want to go out in 0 degree weather to change the grill temp if I want to. the second is the insulated cover for cold weather.  It saved me a lot of pellets this winter by keeping more heat in the drum and not radiating out.  The next thing I need to get is the standard outside cover so I can get the grill out of my garage and on the patio. Well, that and another six bags of pellets.

    One more option to seriously consider is the AMNTS.  I use the 6" and 12" versions depending on the length of additional smoke I need.  It's a first class product with many happy customers.  When you get a new pellet grill or smoker your next call should be to Todd for an AMN product, whether a tube smoker or a tray style.  Perfect smoke every time...  :)
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  19. cobbq

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    Aaron Snow, after following your story of your pursuit of a pellet smoker as I sit here reading about mods to make to my Brinkman Pitmaster I've had a few years now, I think ill head over to the GMG dealer 20 minutes from the house and for-go the money I would have spent on mods and pick up a pellet smoker, I have one that heats the house ( I know they are diff pellets) and it sure is easy to use. So I will see what kind of offers they have going on and give one a try as they seem to be way way cheaper than Harley parts, my rear shocks were almost that price LOL Thanks again I am new to the forum and terrible at smoking because of lack of practice due to time but getting close to retirement I've always thought it would be fun to compete in local smoke offs as I love watching.

    One last question for anyone, do they allow pellet smokers in competition smokes, I've seen grumbling on youtube from folks and some have even hinted that they are campaigning to DQ them they are not true to the competition.
  20. aaronsnow

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    From what I've been reading these pellet smokers, including the GMG have been used in winning a ton of competitions. I would bet you could certainly enter with one too.

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