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GMG Pizza Oven vs Traditional Wood Fired Oven

Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by checkerfred, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. checkerfred

    checkerfred Meat Mopper

    Does anyone here have any experience with both the GMG pizza oven attachment and a traditional wood fired oven? I wonder how they compare and if the GMG works pretty much just as good as a traditional wood fired oven?
  2. oldsmokerdude

    oldsmokerdude Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    Never used the GMG, but have used wood-fired pizza ovens (no better tasting pizza IMO.) In looking at the GMG on line, it appears it would provide the same type cooking, just doing it a little differently as you would expect. I would be interested to see how the GMG works in real life
  3. retfr8flyr

    retfr8flyr Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    The big problem with doing pizza's in a grill is getting heat to the top of the pizza, so it will cook before the bottom burns. This one looks like it makes an attempt to fix this problem. I would be interested in whether it works as advertised and if it would fit any other pellet grills, like my Timberline.
  4. checkerfred

    checkerfred Meat Mopper

    Well I went ahead and ordered it. I’ve not really seen any bad reviews. The biggest thing I’ve seen was people saying to keep your dough moisture levels and thickness consistent. Then find the right temp for that mixture and don’t change it. I’ll keep you guys updated. I may even do a little video review of it. I’ve never used a traditional brick oven so I won’t be able to compare it to that, but I have eaten pizzas from one in NYC so I do know what to expect as far as taste. It looks like it will work well. We shall see!
  5. winsa12

    winsa12 Newbie

    I have never used a traditional oven (I saw some for sale that just do pizzas for over $2,000 though), but have cooked quite a few pizzas on my GMG oven. I love it, we rarely go out for pizza now-a-days. What I have learned so far:
    - Get a peel, I thought I could use a big spatula and I was wrong
    - Use more flour on the bottom than you think you need until you figure out how much you actually need. The transfer from the kitchen to the peel to the 700-900 degree stone is tricky at first. It took me 3 or 4 pizzas to get one to go in round and come out the same shape. If they sit with sauce on them too long the moisture goes through to the counter or the peel and it doesn't slide into the oven. And then you have sauce and cheese on the stone and its a mess.
    - The King Soopers grocery store (Colorado) sells a pre-made dough that comes in a tube package that is round after you unroll it and it is thin. Its been a good option until I can spend some time with the numerous thin crust pizza recipes I have found here and online.

    Mine always cook sufficiently on the top and bottom. I have to say the oven is really well designed. I am not sure of it will fit in other grills, depends on the fire box size and depth, the grill area and all the other clearances needed to get it in and out and over the firebox. I bet you could make some mods to the GMG oven and get it to fit other big grills.
  6. GMGSmoker455

    GMGSmoker455 Newbie

    I have one of the GMG pizza ovens. We used it for the first time last Saturday. I set the grill to 350F. The stone was about 700F. The pizzas took about 3 minutes to cook and they were fantastic. My wife declared them to be "restaurant quality". I used 00 flour to make the crusts and Semolina flour on the peel. The Semolina flour allows the pizza to roll off as long as you have enough on there. Let us know how you make out with yours.
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