Glass top stove and cast iron

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Dec 21, 2009
Phoenix AZ
Going to get a new stove. Is it safe to cook with cast iron on a glass top stove? Will it scratch the glass or maybe get to hot for the glass?

Thanks for any help.
You'd better check with the cooktop's manufacturer.  Some will, some won't recommend due to the weight (i.e., cracking/breaking the glass) and potential of scratching the glass if it's slid across the top.  Higher end units would be less likely to be affected, lower end models more susceptible. 
I have used CI on my glass top for years.  Now problem.  

Now don't drop it on the glass.     LOL
We have used CI on ours for years too.

Even sliding it around & using high heat.

The manufacturer manual says not to use CI, but we haven't had a problem yet.

Ours is a GE.

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