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  1. I'm looking into buying the masterbuilt pro duel fuel from HD but some of the comments on here are making me second guess the decision.  At first I was torn between electric/propane, but I think I've decided to go for a propane smoker and this one sounds good enough to get me started.  Here are my questions/concerns

    1: I've never used a water pan and I've heard that these can dilute the smoke flavor, but I'm also concerned about temp control.  Can anybody walk me through what you do to get your smoke started with these?

    2: Wood chips vs chunks? it worth getting somethign special for the wood pan?  I've seen people mention cast iron and I've also seen people mention filling it with lava rock and then putting wood on top.

    3: Any other major concerns or things I should know before purchasing?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. rynoinaz

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    I just bought my dual fuel / propane smoker at the HD last weekend. Seasoned it last weekend and fired it up this morning with a brisket and turkey legs.
    I put the lava rocks in the bottom, with the wood chucks on top.
    My observation so far is it needs only a few pieces of wood at a time. I used an entire bag of wood. Dont know if that is too much, but it looks and smells delicious.

    Just tested the turkey. 1/4" smoke ring and even more two little picky eaters devoured it. Four hours for the 4 legs. Finished up at 180 and nice and moist.


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  3. Did you use the water pan?  I've seen some people say not to put water in and some people say to use the water pan.  
  4. rynoinaz

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    I did use the water pan. Turkey legs were fantastic after 4 hours.
    Brisket I cut in half to fit inside the smoker. I forgot to take the time down. I cooked it 11 hours, probably could have done 10 instead. Flavor was fantastic, but the small side (?) we sliced and it was beautiful but a touch dry.


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