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Sep 21, 2006
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This is just an idea.

I'm in the hunt for a stick burner; lang, diamond plate, stumps, gator, etc. I really don't get much "info" from the site. I google search and find more info from other sites, reviews, chat etc.

How can you get ads on here for small smokers all the way up to the big dogs? I would think they would want to advertise here.

Some ideas, off the top of my head:
Traeger, Stumps, Diamond Plate, Gator, Lang, wsm, electics, water smokers, grills, trash cans, anything and everything.

It may help a newbie, or oldie, find some info on what they are looking for.

Just an idea as I know nothing about ads on web sites.

thanks for you were.
Hey, BigAl!

That might not be a bad idea for other sites but probably not so good for this one. Since 99% of the information on this site is generated by the members all you have to do is ask for input on your selection of a stick burner in the proper section of the forum.

As an example look at all the info that has been generated for the GOSM! Not only is there a tremendous amount of info and a lot of opinions about the unit there are also many suggestions as to where to buy and get pricing info.

By allowing manufacturers to advertise on the site valuable bandwidth is used up and most advertisers will only ante up for actual sales and so on. So if you get info from an advertiser and then buy locally the forum does not make a penny and valuable bandwidth is used up and then maintaining the forum ultimately becomes very expensive.

Your idea is a good one but if we wish to maintain good control of an excellent forum ads are probably not a good idea. I hope that I have addressed your idea properly. If not please let me know.

I understand completely now. I don't know all about the ads and stuff and that explained it very well.

As I said, just an idea.

Thanks for the help, talk to ya later
Another issue dealt with class ... I'm impressed!
Thanks! I'm sure your talk'n bout me........right?

This site has always had class.................till I showed up!
Al, way back when SMF first made the move over from it's original site on, Tulsa tried running banner ads. It didn't work out well for some members as the banner ads seemed to take forever to load if you only had a dial-up server. IIRC those ads didn't last a week before Jeff pulled the plug on 'wm.

We do have a Pit Builders list that Noah posted that will link you to the various pit builders site.
I am thinking of purchasing a pellet grill. Which is better, the Louisiana Smoker grill or the traeger? Or is there something better out there for under $1000.00? I would mainly cook brisket, chicken and ribs on it. I own a weber gas grill that is great for hamburgers and such. Just want something to cook lower and slower on.
hey cookerlady we have a pellet 55gal drum and a traeger 075 both work great by the biggest traeger you can afford the Louisiana Smoker work good we have a traeger fire pot with L S auger and home madew other parts to get the 55 gal stainless drum working so ether or will work good for you is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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