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Garlic lovers.


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I was digging through my freezer and digging through mental recipies..and remembered one I forgot.
Hope to do this weekend. For big pieces of meat, use a knife and make a stab into it..several.
Take garlic, remove skin and insert the cloves into each hole you make.
W/o the skin, the garlic liquefies and soaks into the meat during cook.
I prefer a good piece of beef for this but have several hams so think I'm gonna do a garlic infused ham next.
You can go shallow or deep on insertion. Best way I've found to go deep is use a wooden mixing spoon to push the garlic in to knife hole end.
If you like garlic, you will like this cook.


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We used to do that with whole hogs, you can stuff rosemary etc. in the whole and use the garlic to stuff it in too just pick he stems out when you process it


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I do beef roasts like that,bought some black garlic recently and may try a roast using the black and see how it turns out

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