Galvanized Hardware Mesh

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Original poster
Dec 10, 2006
I'm building a smoker and I want to know if it would be safe to use galvanized hardware mesh for the racks. I'm making the racks myself from 1x1 pine. I've read a couple of strings and one said it was ok and another said that the galvanized metal would give off toxic fumes? Need input... Thanks.
Thanks GoFish. That's what I needed to hear. I've got a local welder making me a smoke pan, so I'll just have him crank out a couple of racks. The expanded metal is a good idea. I'll post some pics when I'm completed. :)
I know you are looking for factual answers. The answer is that I don't have one. I've always been told to stay away from galvanized grill/smoking parts. But I asked my self why and by what authority??? I don't know. I "Googled" up galvanized grills and got several hits. There were at least two offers to sell galvanized grills..... one looked like a comercial version. So, I don't know. I've always been told that the galvanazation gives off toxic fumes but at least on "Google," the facts don't support that. Good luck!! If I had to make a decision tonight, I'd go back to the old axiom, "If in doubt, throw it out." In other words, don't use galvanized material. Go with the clean steal mesh material.
You're right Bill. Dad always taught me, "when in doubt, don't." And I will most likely go with expanded metal. Here's what I really think the "deal" is, but don't know for sure. I've been told by welders that when welding galvanized metals you have to be very careful, wear the masks, etc, because it will give off toxic fumes. But a meat smoker won't reach temps anywhere near the heat of welding and I really doubt that the temp would be high enough to cause any reaction or release of toxic fumes. Now to use galvanized grates right over the coals, IE as in barbequeing....that would be different. But I'm still in doubt and will probably just follow dad's advise, unless someone, a real "expert," chimes in here with the final word on this subject. Thanks for your input.
I have been very much poisoned by burning galvanized metal with a torch. (sick as a dog for 2 days)
Torching anything that is chrome plated IS DEADlY
If the galvanize is not oxidized by heat it is safe but like you say error on the side of safety and don't use it
As a welder by trade NO,NO,NO.I have been sick from the fumes and had taken preventative measure beforehand.I also had a freind who was a shear operator for many years and at one time sheared galvanized for months on end and got sick with the same symptoms as I had when he went to the doc it was ruled as long term exposure.I dont know if the doc was right or wrong but they treated him as if he had exposure to it and he got better. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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