Funky Chicken - Q-view !!

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  1. Hi Gang

    My better half and I were at the property so I got to cook with "Joe" Who hoo !!

    I read up on Minion Method as suggested and I think I did well.

    The temps were far more regular and almost predictable :)

    So off we go .....


    As you will see I cooked 2 chickens - 2 different ways.

    I was planing out who goes where so everyone can play nice :) Potatoes on the left.


    I used the trays so food would be easier to take out.

    I used a chicken dry rub from SMF - however - I also added leftover rubs and made my own "brew"

    Of course I had a few of those during the cooking.LOL

    Actually, Funky had a beer also (Coors Light)


    So here is my cooking set-up. Please note the heat/smoke comes into the chamber from the

    bottom right. This is why I put funky closest to the direct heat (figured it would need it)

    I put the #2 in the middle thinking it would cook through and not require as long cooking time,

    even though they were coming out at the same time and that was not an issue!


    I could hear some sizzling and some fine cooking,

    I mopped my birds twice and I did not want to keep opening the chamber.


    Looking better :)


    Almost there ....


    OK time to eat LOL !



    They were both delicious, I was surprised they were so moist.

    I cooked for 2 1/2 hours and probably should have made it 3. There was a very small amount of red

    with funky and we fixed that - no one was sick.

    I have a question:

    I mentioned the heat/smoke comes out at bottom right whici is also the hotest point.

    The heat flow is not even under the grill.I have a tube which will run the length of the barrel.

    Should I install it and put holes on the top to help distribute heat evenly.

    What are your thoughts ?


  2. smokinal

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    I'm not a builder, but a lot of the guys put tuning plates in the bottom to distribute the heat more evenly.

    I'm sure one of the builders will be along to help you soon.

    Until then you may want to use the search feature. You will probably come across some step-by-step plans for making them.
  3. daveomak

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    Dave, morning...... There are things called "tuning plates"... Best you do a search in the search bar for more info... I will try and describe what they are and their function...

    They are flat plates of steel... they should be long enough so when placed in the cooking chamber they sit above where the smoke and heat enters on the lower right and are below the cooking grate... the width might be about 6" or so... then the plates are spaced with about 1/4" or so between them and this plate/space/plate/space continues until the left end of the cooking chamber has been reached...When all the plates are installed with the gaps there a gap at the stack end to facilitate adjustment of the plates...

    Now comes the hard part... the design spacing is to move the heat to the stack end of the cooking chamber while allowing heat/smoke to rise thru the spaces to the grate in an even distribution... plate spacing and gaps can be checked using thermometers and the spacing and gaps adjusted until a uniform or desired cooking temperatures are obtained...

    There is lots of info here....  Dave
  4. Hey this is great !!!!

    Thanks guys


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