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Original poster
Jul 17, 2005
Bremerton, WA
Hi, y'all - I'm a 70 year old widow raised on Texas and K.C. bbq, and living in the bbq wasteland called the Pacific NW since 1958 - we have a wonderful way of life up here, but bbq sure isn't one of them. I hear there are some good bbq places in Greater Seattle, but I sure haven't found them. OTOH, I've found a couple of dandy places on the Olympic Peninsula.

My SIL got me started when I got a Brinkman smoker two years ago. He's in Cleveland now and I'm awaiting arrival of a new Cookshake Smokette. Now I know you purists out there wouldn't touch an electric smoker with a 10' pole, but I'm 70, have an arthritic back, and my smoker's on the second story deck. At my age convenience overides fanatacism, lol.

Here's my question - what the samhill are ATB's?

former Texan, and O.U. grad
Welcome fstopcarol, glad you found us.

ABT's are jalepeno's cored out and stuffed with whatever you like (shrimp, cheese, sausage etc) usually capped off or wrapped with bacon and smoked. Deeeelicious.

Here is a link to check out that will show more about it.


By the way, we are not purists around here. Some of our best cooks cook on electric units.
Welcome to SMF.
I don't know what an ATB is. But I know what an ABT is. It's an Atomic Buffalo Turd. It's a jalapeno, cored and seeded, then stuffed with what ever you want, topped with a piece of bacon, then smoked or baked. Most here will use cream cheese or cheddar mixed with ground fattie.
The last ones I made were filled with cream cheese mixed with a bit of honey and fattie.
BTW, we welcome ALL smokers here. I prefer wood smoke, but it's not about how you get there, it's about the outcome.
fstopcarol, are you a photographer?
fstopcarol -

We don't care what you smoke on - the important thing is we all get to smoke and have a wonderful group of friends just as addicted to smoke as we are! Welcome!

Welcome to SMF fstopcarol!!! We don't have too many of the self-righteous purist types around here. There is more than one way to skin a cat and I say when your 70 you can skin it anyway you want. Enjoy the forums.
Carol, Welcome to Smoking Meat Forums. When I first started, I was clueless myself when it came to ABT's. We all have our preferences when it come to smokers but the link that we all have in common is the love of the thin blue smoke, the love of good smoked food and the love of our SMF family. We're glad you're here, besides, every family needs a Grandma.

Enjoy the Forums!!
Thanks for the warm welcome! My Cookshack Smokette should arrive Friday - I'll be out of town for the weekend, but I feel some ribs calling me next week!
One of my smokers is an electric one and there is nothing better than to place some meat in there; go to work; and when I return there is some awesome tasting meat for dinner.

Glad you found us and hopefully we can answer your questions
Welcome to SMF fstopcarol. Glad you could make it. If you have any questions at all, be sure to ask. We like pictures. We like questions. And we LOVE Q. Join in and have fun

Keep Smokin
So fstop -

Are you a photographer, when your not smoking that is? I did yearbook candids, sports and wedding photos when my boy was little. Been years since I used my Yashicamat twin lenses.
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