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Frozen Bacon - Thaw, Smoke, Refreeze?

Discussion in 'Hot Smoked Bacon' started by friz, Nov 9, 2013.

  1. friz

    friz Newbie

    Last month, I cured about 20 lbs of bacon. As it was curing, I was called away overseas to work for 5 weeks. My wife finished the cure and froze the bacon, but it has not been smoked.
    Can I thaw all of it, smoke it as I would have earlier and refreeze?
    The alternative would be to thaw and smoke as I use it, but I'd like to get it all done at once.
  2. I would go with thaw and smoke all at once. I have never done it so that's just my

    I Like to let mine rest after the smoke. So if you were to smoke as you need it. It won't have a rest period.

    Happy smoken.