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I have had a turkey fryer for about 10 years and so far all its made is a lot of sweet corn. We have a 8% brined bird about 12# for this year and I decided since we arent under a foot of snow this year to try the fryer. I am not sure on anything at this point.

brine or no brine? ( i dont really want to make the bird taste like a taco or something else, want to keep a traditional taste)
Injection or no?

I think I can handle the dunking it in hot oil until I hit my target temps and then resting, but what advice would anybody want to share on the pre dunk prep process?

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On a deep fried bird, I don’t think a brine is really needed. I’ve injected a few before but that’s if I were looking for a particular flavor profile; cajun, butter herb, etc. Taste is subjective. A rub on the outside is good.

As for the pre dunk and if you don’t already know this...measure your oil before hand! Place the turkey in the pot and cover with water until it just covers the bird. Remove the bird and the water level will drop. Mark that level and then that is how much oil to add, that way you don’t run the risk of overflowing the hot oil and causing a fire.


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I've done a brined and non-brined turkey in the fryer before, and I legitimately can't tell a difference. Injecting however, I can tell a difference. As for tips for frying, as mentioned - measure the oil first. Also, make sure to bring the temp up to about 25 degrees over your frying temp, because as soon as you drop in the turkey, the temp will go down. Get your turkey as dry as possible (inside and out) before it goes in the oil. Finally - turn the burner off when you drop in the turkey, if any oil splashes up and over the pot on to the burner, you can start a fire.

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