Fried turkey breast question

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
Jun 25, 2015
Been doing fried turkeys for many years. Probably over the past seven or eight years we’ve just gotten a 7-8 lb turkey breast and deep-fried it. Usually takes about 45 minutes or so to cook.

I’d like to have it done early this year and was wondering about something. Do you think it can be fried earlier in the day and then wrapped in a couple layers of foil and then a beach towel or two and put in a yeti, similar to when you smoke a pork butt? Would it stay hot enough to where it would be safe to eat for a couple of hours or should you not mess with poultry like this?
It will definitely stay piping hot for a few hours but you might lose some of the crispiness of the skin you got from the fryer

The process is fine, but skin quality will suffer as Jake has mentioned.

Ok, appreciate it fellas. I wasn’t even thinking about the skin. Kind of the best part. Guess I’ll just cook at regular time.
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