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  1. Hello all! I'm new to SMF (really smoking im general) and am just starting my first build and i could use a bit of help from you fella's that are well versed in these builds. I recently acquired an irreparable carter-haufmann SS commercial fridge. It has a stainless interior, fiberglass insulation in the walls, and the interior is roughly 5' x 2'.
    My plan is to make a smoker/cooker out of this fridge with an electric heating element and a digital thermostat. I don't know if I would need a cold smoker or exactly what type of smoke generator because I'm not very familiar with smoking at all. The main thing I will be smoking in this box is deer sausage (tired of paying to get deer processed) . I could really use some help on what type of heating element, thermostat, and smoke generator to use. I'm not completely convinced that I need to use electric heat, I just figure that it is the easiest to control. If y'all have any suggestions, please feel free!
    As soon as I figure out how to post some pictures from my IPhone I will do so!
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  3. mneeley490, 

            I have been working on my smoker pretty slowly but gradually coming along and also acquiring materials. I also purchased a brinkman 1500 replacement heating element but I have some questions on how to get power to it from the thermostat. Did you use a relay? did you use just regular wire to get it power? and how did you connect the wires to the two prongs on the element?

    Another question. Where did you get that stove rope? I've been looking for thick stove rope but can't really find any. Thanks for your help, I hope to have my smoker going soon so i can post some pictures.
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    kjun, afternoon....

    If you use a temp controller, you will need it to activate a relay to provide power to the heating element.... a 1500 watt element should have a 20 amp relay... preferably a SSR (solid state relay).....

    Below is some of the rope available.....

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  5. Thanks Dave, I've purchased the 3/4 inch stove gasket from amazon and I thought it would work but it was 3/4 inch wide but only about an eighth of an inch think. Also, will regular thhn wire work for a smoker?
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    Is the gasket built like a tube..... slip another gasket inside the tube to make it thicker.... Dave
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    I used an Auber Instruments PID that is good up to 1800w. It is a plug-n-play, and the brinkmann element has a 3-pronged cord, so not much thinking was needed.

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