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Fridge Mod

Discussion in 'Fridge/Freezer Builds' started by porkbelly, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. porkbelly

    porkbelly Newbie

    hi, i have an old fridge i'm working on and i also have a cajun elec. smoker that the heating unit just went out on...i called the masterbuilt people and she said they longer built that smoker and had no parts/burners..650 w....so i asked what else could i do and she said that she would sell me the new masterbuilt smoker with glass door 1000 w for 175.00 ...no mention of and i'm sure i wouldn't have to turn my old one in..i hope ....what do they need it for?   anyway i think that may be the way i go...also...my question is seeing as i have a cajun smoker i can do nothing with...i was wondering if i could take the controls and mod them to my fridge smoker with the 1500 w brickman burner?  if not why not? also anyone see why i can't take the wood chip box and everything that goes with it....also the wood chute?  i know going from 650w to 1500w is asking alot...maybe i could resize the wires..any thoughts?   i feel like they spent a lot of time and money to come up with those great idea's i may as well use them...literally ....ty so much for your replys....Billy
  2. beer-b-q

    beer-b-q Epic Pitmaster OTBS Member

    You might want to ask them how much for the MES 40", it has the 1250 watt element and is very popular with the members here.  With it you don't have to worry about cutting a slab of ribs in half to get it to fit...

    The new model that just came out has wheels and a remote thermometer built in also.
  3. porkbelly

    porkbelly Newbie

    beer b q...i think thats the 1 she was talking about...i tried getting her back on the phone today no go...got tired of hanging on...does the mes 40" have the glass? she mentioned 1 was around 350.00 ....i told her that i had spent 200.00 for the 1 i had now and she wants me to spend ANOTHER 175.00 on another thats 375.00 didn't work...lol...she did all she could do...worth a try...but i will keep on her about it...right now i'm taking the injector apart...i'm wanting the controls for my fridge mod...there's a lot going on in there ...lol...but i talked to a elec. he said it should work maybe beef up the main wires to the burner...i'll find out i guess....ty alot buddy
  4. porkbelly

    porkbelly Newbie

    well i finelly got back with them...i can get the 30" with glass door for 125.00 but they want to charge me 24 for shipping...i'm trying to get out of that....yes i'm cheap....i can get the 40" for 275.00 that includes shipping...what to do, what tooo doooo...plus i asked about my old smoker they said we don't care what u do with it, throw it away if you want...nottttt...that almost brought tears to me eyes...so i'll take the controls out today   see how that goes....pretty excited thinging i could control my fridge mod like a mes...plussss now i'm thinking hmmmm how about a glass window on my fridge? i read about a glass mod on here.  something to think/dream about...

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