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For years Fatties

Discussion in 'Fatties' started by Smokinribsbbq, Mar 18, 2019.

  1. Finally, alittle extra time to make this year's first fatties! One will be for myself and my son, the other for the wife and three daughters. The ladies are picky eaters so they'll get just a basic cheese. My son and I will be enjoying our normal pepper,onions, and mushrooms. Stay tuned!

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  2. Oh yeah, looking forward to your post.
    “ Standing by”
  3. After a quick saute, veggies and cheese applied.

    Wrapped and into the ice box while I prep the other.

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  4. Second, stuffed, and rolled. I dont normally praise myself, but the second roll was darn near perfect. Time to fire up baby smoker

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  5. everytime I see loaf of rolled meat I turn into kid with wide open eyes and excitement what will I find inside... and it never failed me.....
  6. Had some help with the wrap. :) I believe she approved

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  7. Ready for the smoker.
    I really enjoyed the look of these wrapped. I over lapped them by about an 1/8" to allow for shrinkage.
  8. There is definitely quality improvement if grandkids are quality inspectors. . lol
  9. In the smoker they go, sitting at 223. Should be done in about 2 and half hours. I have the smoker sitting in the barn to keep the wind off of it. Time will tell.

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  10. Forgot the wrapped version picture. Here you go.

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  11. That's my youngest :), yes my wife and I are crazy for having more eo late in life, but they sure do keep me young. Oh, I forgot to mention she has a twin.
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  12. Thanks for the likes dernek. Greatly appreciated.
  13. That’s awesome, teach em young. My daughter could spatchcock a Chicken when she was 8 years old and now helps me cook at comps.
  14. then you are in double jeopardy quality check situation. .. I have one little man 2 years old who does quality checks for me.... by the time I finish bacon wrap maze, half of it is chewed on and quality checked.....
  15. After 2 hours and 43 mins.......... finally done.

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  16. weedeater

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    Looks great! Are you saving the 1st slice for me? I didn’t see the sliced pic! Like! Really like that QC inspector! She is a cutie!

  17. The final has been reached. I give this one a 7 out of 10. The down fall, the bacon I used was a tad to thick. I went with a medium cut, (which I normally go with a normal cut). All in all, only 3 pieces left of my son and I's roll. The rest will go to my brother in laws house.

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  18. I can save you a slice. I'd say two, but I dont think there is that much left. :)

    Thanks for the like.
  19. gmc2003

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    Good looking fatties and a good little helper.

    Point for sure.
  20. Thanks, Chris.