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Jun 1, 2008
I remember a while back someone mentioned they were looking for flexible cutting boards. My wife recently made a purchase from Pampered Chef and they had some. Think they were 15 bucks for 3. Wasnt expecting anything special but I was really surprised. These boards have a tacky back on them so they dont slide around the counter. Def happy with them. Here's a picture of them. This picture is from Pampered Chef's site. Ill get some pics of them in action the next time I use them

If anyone is interested in getting these Im sure I can get some and get them to you or you can click Here and order online.


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Mar 12, 2009

I have seen them at Bed Bath and Beyond too. If you want some of them. I still like my boo's blocks I just like wood.


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Oct 1, 2010
Wichita, KS
Here are a couple additional flexible cutting boards.  Click Here to see them.  There is one that is a 10"X14" for $4 a piece and a 24.5"X30" for $10 a piece.  I like the 24.5"X30" cause it gives you a lot more room to work on/with than other cutting boards I have used.


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It's been awhile since this subject was brought up.  Someone had brought up the subject about cheap flexible cutting sheets.  It was mentioned that you could get El cheapo sheets at Wally World for something like 3 for under 10 bucks (I honestly forget how much, but it was cheap).  They measure 12 x 15 inches.  On shopping days (since I'm retired
 completely) that means almost any day of the week the fancy strikes us,  I'm always buying mixed meat types (beef, chicken, pork and of course lots of bacon).  Having lots of scraps of that non-slip shelf liner, I put a piece down on the table, then my regular cutting board, then another piece of non-slip, then the flexible El cheapo cutting sheet.  The regular cutting board is there for the possibility of me cutting through the flexi sheet.  When I finish one type of meat, I throw the El cheapo in the sink, grab another sheet and on to the next meat type.  Much more efficient in my mind.  Saves wear and tear on the good cutting board and it insures I have a clean cutting surface for each meat type and within each meat type if I feel the need.  This site is to blame for making me anal about food safety quite honestly, but at least I have good vibes about reducing the possibility of food poisoning in my family or guests.

But, I'll buy a couple of these recommended sheets for when I take to the road with the TT. 


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Jul 26, 2009
We buy them at the $1 store here in town. We use them with the 4H kids and the last time we went to get some they were 3 for $1. We used 7 of them yesterday with the kids making chicken sausage and they work well


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Feb 3, 2009
i was using the colored ones .different color for each type of meat .No longer can find the colors ,just white so now it's like NWDave.

 toss the used on in the sink and grab another.

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