Fixing holes on a Brinkman

Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by eptsmoke, Dec 14, 2014.

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    So first of all, hello, I'm brand new to the forum and have been checking it out for a while . I recently received a cheap smoker that I've been trying to modify, it's a Brinkman Offset smoker. Here's a link so u can see:

    Anyway, so one of the mods I was attempting was to install grate level thermometers. I measured it out, began drilling and totally screwed up the hole.

    I'm attributing it to the low quality of the steel. But now I'm left with this ugly hole. Any advice? I'd really love to even it out and install the thermometer. But if necessary, I'll just plug it up with something.. Don't know what. I'm pretty new to most of this. Thank you!
  2. Get a small bolt nut and washer with a little high temp silicone.

    Happy smoken.

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    Ok great, I have the silicone on hand.  One last question, when installing these thermometers, is it best to apply the silicone during the thermomter installation as well?

    I've read online, and most people tend to just drill the hole and install the thermometers without the silicone.  But would the high heat silicone also be necessary when installing the thermometers?

    thanks again
  4. My thoughts would be to:

    1. Install a Better Thermostat in the existing hole.

    2. Buy a Maverick 732 Thermometer with dual leads.

    3. Make a hole in the end away from the Fire Box for the Maverick 732 Probe Wires.

    4. Add Tuner Plates to the cooking chamber.

    5. Build a charcoal basket

    6. Have a patch welded over the hole.  OR the Bolt and Washer Fix will also work.

    That should be a good start.

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