First Tri Tip Roast

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Rafter H BBQ

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Jun 18, 2013
S.E. Idaho
Hey all, gonna fire up the GMG and do a Tri Tip and probably a chicken as well. My first TT, so wish me luck. Try to include some Q view along the way. Hope it all turns out ok but I guess worse case, I get to fire up the smoker :grilling_smilie: :yahoo: WHB
Thanks Willie, I will do that. I appreciate your input. Justin
Tri's can be very very simple.... Me personally like medium so i'll cook to 135 IT and then do a quick hot sear over fire.  

Seasoning i like to olive oil and season with a good steak spog rub...large grind.
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Thanks Keith, I was just getting er seasoned, have the olive oil and then was gonna use some garlic salt, sea salt and coarse ground black pepper. Glad ya chimed in here. Thanks, Justin
Well, after my daughter (she's 6) helped dad season the TT, now it's just waiting for the GMG to get up to temp !

Hope it turns out ok, plan on pulling around 130-135* IT. Thanks for lookin, Justin

Figured while waiting for grill to get to temp would try another first, a spatchcock chicken. So here it is ! Again, hope it turns out ok. Justin

So after reading some posts, wanted to catch the drippings from the TT, but wasn't quit equipped for it so here's a catch pan with a rib rack holding the TT. I'll call it my Redneck Support to my TT. As one of my comic favs would say "You can't make fun of a Redneck unless you are one, and I are one". Justin

So all is set with the temp probes, so as Phil from Duck Dynasty would say.... Everybody's happy, happy, happy....

Just cracked a cold one and watching the smoker,,,,, well smoke... Getting hungry already though..... Justin
Looking good. Hopefully the bird comes out nice too.

The wife wants to do some Philly Cheese Steaks with part of the TT, damn ya know, twist my arm..... Fixins lookin mighty tasty for PCS, Mrs. WHB provided. Will update....
So out of my Redneck Drippins contraption, I got no drippings.... Am I doing something wrong or is this normal ?? First ever TT, Thanks, Justin is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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