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Discussion in 'Making Jerky' started by marcus killion, Dec 21, 2014.

  1. Hi ;

         Well I decided to venture into the beef jerky away from my usual smoking of ribs . I used a marinade of soy brown sugar and liquid smoke on half and minus the liquid smoke plus a bit of honey on other half . Trying to keep my electric smoker at 120 or so but so far have not been real lucky at that . How ever I did get it 135 . this temp taken with probe right on rack . The temp reading on smoker was 108. Had it wide open on vent with apple chips . tray of chips burned away quickly . i just opened up and lit some chips and turned down the temp . Lit chips since turning down temp about 10 degrees might not allow electric burner to ignite them . Also closed vent to less than half .

     thinking around 4 hours . Not sure as everyone seems to have a different idea on this . Everywhere from 120 to 185 degrees and 3 to 12 hours . Seems like 12 hours at 165 would make crunch sticks .

    I will try and take a few pics during process and report back on the out come . Of course I will have to say that these are the best tasting beef jerky I have ever had ! [​IMG]  

    edit : thought I would add in that I am also going to smoke my first turkey in a few days . Will be putting that post where it belongs in the turkey section.
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  2. I always like jerky. My problem is it doesn't last.

    I see this is your first post. When you get a chance will you drop by roll call so everyone can give you a proper SMF welcome?

    Happy smoken.


  3. I like to dry jerky at about 100*F +/- 10*F. You don't really "cook" it. I recommend a cure in your recipe because this takes all day to dry.
  4. I just bumped up the temp to what i am hoping is about 150 or so . Got to leave home soon so i want it done quicker . Hopefully this works okay . Do not want dry jerky . Like it kind of soft myself . hoping for something like Jack Link's original . 

    edit : Just checked and 137 on guage and 149 on probe in middle rack on meat . Hope 149 is a good temp . If I have to leave I guess I will turn it down  some . 
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    MK, temps sound good you just have to watch it (which lets heat out ) and not overcook it. You will have it down pat for times and temps the more you do. Write it down so you remember next time.
  6. When I say "dry" I am referring to dehydrate not a dry mouthfeel. Increasing the heat may be counter productive for your desired result by "cooking" it. A low gentle heat will produce a jerky that will remove enough water from the meat so it will bend but not crack or break.

    I hope yours turns out great!
  7. So it did not come out well . Far too dry on much of it . Tastes okay . I just bought a food dehydrator for future batches . I will be smoking it first with apple chips for maybe an hour at 150 or so then put in dehydrator to finish up . Nesco 700 watt with temp control .
  8. Actually after taking a bag out of the fridge  ( I put it in there since it never really got hot enough to kill bad guys ) Iit was pretty good . The thicker pieces were nice and tender and it all tasted good . I just grabbed up some kind of pre sliced chuck shoulder steak that was in the store cut to about 4 inch rounds . Some thicker some thinner . the thicker ones came out quite good . I will be smoking the next batch for a hour and then putting in the dehydrator as I think that will work better . Going to try some of that Nesco seasoning I think . maybe buy a variety pack.
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    Check out the manual jerky slicers at cabelas  You will get uniform strips for more even cooking times for all pieces

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