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  1. Hi. My first time out I tried a beef rump roast. It didn't work out well, and neither did my MES. I now have a new control panel, and have been told to do chicken so that I won't waste so much money. Now I need to hear it all. I was thinking of using Good Seasons Italian DRY Salad Dressing mix. Mix it with butter and put under the skin of chicken thighs. Would I then coat the works in olive oil like I did with the beef?? I have hickery chips, but also have apple trees, and cherry trees with many years old dead branches that I could cut up. I will only use maybe 6 or 7 chips in it at a time. I need to know what temp I should set it at, and what internal temp I should look for?? Thanks.. Al
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    I do my chicken with the following; Olive Oil salad dressing, SPOG and meat tenderizer. dust it with the seasoning and then put it in a ziploc bag and cover it with the Olive Oil dressing. Let it marry for a few hours. Turn your MES as high as it will go. I keep the water pan in while the chicken is dripping(Cuts down on the mess) cook to your desired temp, I have a wife that likes it well done so I cook mine till its almost 180 degrees. If it seems its not getting done enough go ahead and pull the heat pan, I use the middle rack, second from bottom.
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    Hope this helps and ...
  4. As far as chips go. I would like to know I smoked the chicken, but not enough like I did with the beef. Would apple, or cherry be a better choice?? Also.. I have two different kinds of the dressing.. The Original, and the Garlic Herb. Which is better then.. Putting the mixture under the skin on thighs??, or over the top?? Oh, and what is SPOG?? If it is text for something.. I never learned what that stuff is..
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  6. Thanks..
  7. Now I have both wings and thighs. Should I go by the temp in the thigh over the temp in the wing?? I was going to take the Italian salad dressing mix and mix it in butter, and let it sit over night. Then put the mixture under the skin. Bring the temp of the smoker up to 275. add 5 or 6 Apple chips dry to the tray. When the temp gets to where it should be add the chips. then wait to see smoke, or smell it. Put some olive oil on one of the grates, and put it in and probe the thigh in the thickest part, and close the door, and wait for 165 on the probe.. Is that about right??
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    That sounds about right. The thighs will probably take a little longer than the wings. I smoke wings a lot and never check the IT of them (not much room to get a probe in), I just let them go until the skin is a good golden brown and starts to get a little crispy, 1 1/2 to 2 hours at 275* to 300*. Since the thighs are thicker it 's a good idea to check the IT.
  9. My MES only goes to 275. That is as high as it goes. Would apple, or cherry be better than hickery?? I have plent of dryed branches of both..
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    I've used all three and truthfully I can't tell a difference but I've never done a side by side comparison and I'm always trying different rubs and seasonings so I don't know if the different flavors are from the wood or the spice.. I think what kind of wood one uses comes down to personal preference and taste. Hickory is supposed to be stronger than apple but some (like me) like a stronger smoke flavor and some like a smoother more mellow flavor. So it's up to you, plan some more smokes in the near future and try each one separately and see what you like. That is what has gotten me addicted to smoking meat, trying new things to see what results I get.
  11. I think I will try all three. i have both apple branches, and cherry trees with plenty of dead branches. I also have a bag of hickery chips. If I use two each of all three.. It might not be so strong. After using three full trays of hicory chips when I did the beef.. I may already have enough hickery smell in there.. I cleaned the grate, and the water pan. Maybe even some apple juice in the water pan??
  12. Well I did the chicken. Tasted ok, but the skin was real rubbery.. Internal temp was 180. I see what you meaan by the temp of the MES being different. If the temp on the digital display says 275 it is really 350. I had to dial it down to 252, and I was reading between 289 and 300. Took about a little over 1 1/2 hrs to do. Used more apple than hickery. Only thing I really need to know is why didn't all of the fat under the skin melt away, and why was the skin like rubber??

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