First time short ribs

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pc farmer

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Feb 17, 2013
Central Pa
Got some beef ribs when we butchered my beef this winter, so it was time to cook them.

Got the mini fired up with its wind block.

Here's the bad rib.

Here's the good rib.

All finished.  Also tried a new style baked tater.

Cooked at 275 with Humphrey's lump and hickory smoke wood.

Took about 4 hours.

Sorry for the bad pics, I am working on getting better.

Man I love my mini.

Thanks for looking.
Loved the tater. Evoo and butter then some Tony C's.

My wife even liked them.
Thanks. Just don't slice all the way through the tater.
They look tasty Flash.

My butcher called them short ribs. 

Like I said, never tried them before.
That looks great Cfarmer! I love doing potatoes like that. If you want something a little different, slice an onion about 1/4" and put the slices in between the potato slices. Drizzle with melted butter or olive oil and sprinkle with rub, then cook as usual. I like to wrap in foil for about a half hour in a 350˚ oven to give 'em a head start, then unwrap and put on the smoker for another half hour or so.
Thanks.  First time doing taters that way.  I stole the idea.

I will try onions next time.
That style of short ribs you have is the only way i like mine cut.  They are called cross cut or even flanken style in some spots.  I used to cut them thin in that style for korean ribs called Galbi or Kalbi.  Your's look great!!!  Very tasty!!! Reinhard
Thanks man. I really liked them.
I found it on another site, but  take a tater and lay it between 2 wooden spoons on the counter.  The spoons will keep you from cutting all the way through the potato.

I drizzled with melted butter, evoo some rub and seasoning.

Wrapped in foil, took about 3 hours.
awesome thanks! that spoon idea is great.

i might try it with a cheddar and jalepeno drizzle, melted in the smoker of course:)
Like I said I stole the idea.

You don't have to foil them either.

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