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Discussion in 'Grilling Pork' started by grumpysmoke, May 25, 2013.

  1. Haven't posted in long time but seeing as it's the Holiday Weekend, here goes.

    Will be smoking a Pork Boston Shoulder Roast for Pulled Pork on a Mini WSM.

    Have a 7.8 pound roast.

  2. Rinsed it, patted it dry, scored fat cap, ready for rub.

    My secret blend of herbs and spices for the rub.

    Rubbed down and ready to go. Will cover and let sit in fridge till ready to go.

  3. hambone1950

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    I'm real curious how this comes out. Love that mini. Good luck , man. :grilling_smilie:
  4. seenred

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    Lookin' good so far!  Keep us posted....

  5. Using Lump Charcoal and a blend of Hickory and Cherry wood chips as that is all that I have on hand.

    The set-up inside the Mini. Have a stainless Steel Doggie Dish set on top of another one to catch the drippings. Hopefully this will insulate drippings pan to keep them from burning off. Will set the butt on middle rack.

  6. Fire is lit, here is the set-up. (BTW lit charcoal using a chimney then poured into Mini)

    Gonna wait 15 minutes to let temp settle in.

    If you can't read that, it says 307f

    Halfway thru the 15 minutes am reading 320f

    Have all vents at half opening.

    15 minutes is up and have been holding a steady 300f for last 7 minutes, ambient temp is 79f with high humidity.

    Going to go ahead and put it on as I am fairly confident temp is gonna drop once I remove lid and place butt on rack.

    Smoke, baby, smoke!

  7. Temp dropped down to 190f but within 5 minutes recovered back to 250f with all vents half shut.

    Have great TBS, barely visible.
  8. It is 2:30 PM when I put it on. Don't care if I have to baby this thing all night.

    Breaking out a cold one.
  9. 1 hour in and temp has been varying between 245 and 255, winds are 10 to 15 mph.

    1 1/2 Hours in, had to add a little bit of lump as temp was dropping. Could be the winds but wanted to be more safe than sorry.

    2 hrs in and temp back to 250. TBS is good.

    We are talking smoker temp BTW, using a Maverick. Won't check internal temp until 4 hrs in to avoid contamination.

    Resisting temptation to take a peek.
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  10. 3 hrs in.

    Wouldn't you know it. Texas weather.

    Had a quick storm and had to move everything under canopy. Temp building back up now.

    Dropped to 190 but after 15 minutes is back to 235 and increasing.

    Due to temp drops, might take longer than I thought.
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  11. 4 1/2 hours in. Just inserted meat probe. IT is 158f, Mini temp 257. Looking good.
  12. 5 hrs in. IT is 162, mini temp varying between 246 and 248
  13. 6 hrs in. A picture speaks a thousand words.

    IT is 169, Mini temp 250
  14. oldschoolbbq

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    You did fine, waited for the Smoker to do the work and not cranking it way up. Patience is it's own virtue. Congratulations on a great cook.

    Could you please stop by your Profile and tell where you reside, helps if you need help.

    Thanks and come back soon, and as always . . .
  15. Ain't done yet, 7 hrs in. IT is 172, amazingly the mini is still holding at 250 (granted have added a lump or two here and there.)

    Gonna take the IT to 190 - 205 as per other posts on here.

    Don't want to have to slice it, want it to fall off bone and pull it.
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  16. seenred

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    Looking forward to seeing the finish...

  17. 8 hrs in, the IT is 178, mini at 264. Haven't touched it in the last hour.
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  18. GrumpySmoke, that's a good looking shoulder! Love the graphic on your mini WSM!
  19. 9 hrs in, Internal Temp 185, Mini temp dropped to 239.

    Adding some more lump to keep it going.
  20. northcoast

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    Awesome smoker love the dwarf!! great looking shoulder you have cooking there can't wait to see the finished product!!!

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