First time making bacon

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Nov 7, 2019
Central Ca
I see 2 options at the store for pork belly. One is IBP pork belly for 4.59 a pound and the other is Willamette Valley frozen pork belly with the rind on for 4.19 a pound . Which one would be best for my first time making bacon?
I'm from CA originally, never heard of either of those choices Joe. I've pretty much always used the skinned belly from Costco. RAY
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I've only gotten it at Costco with the skin removed.
I would go for the IBP myself. Removing the skin sounds like a hassle.
If I want Pork Rinds I can get them at a Mexican grocery down the street.....
I’m with these guys in this. Fat to meat ratio varies widely on bellies. I would decide on whatever is meatiest.
I respect that but, I would rather more fat than meat in bacon. It cooks better all around, since fat is flavor, I just prefer it this way, but YMMV.
Which ever one is thicker is the one I would buy. Here is a great video on skinning a pork belly.

Without skin. I've done both, and removing the skin can be tricky, especially if the slab is wrinkled. Just pick thru them and try to get a meaty one. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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