First Time Brisket Flat Success

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Jun 30, 2016
I have had very limited luck with doing whole packers so decided to try my hand at just doing a couple of small 3 pound flats.

Rubbed them down with a salt/pepper/brown sugar/onion powder/paprika rub Saturday night. Come Sunday morning I fired up the smoker and got it to hold around 225° and got the flats on around 11:30. I injected them with a beef broth, worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, and onion powder and also put some of this in a pan with the flats.

Had them on full smoke, a mix of hickory and cherry chunks, for a little over 3 hours before covering the pans in tin foil for another couple of hours. Make sure you check out the awesome shirt my wife got me, lol. Interesting that they seemed to stall around 145-150 range as they sat and sat until I wrapped then the temp started to rise again. I started checking tenderness after about 5 hours on the smoker finally passing the toothpick test at around 203°-205°. Let them rest in a cooler for an hour and a half and we were ready to eat!

Overall they were fantastic. Maybe slightly heavy on the pepper(one of my girls said it was a bit "spicy") but for the most part they were tender and juicy. Paired with some cheesy potatoes that also spent about 3 hours on the smoker, it was a great meal. Probably my best brisket and honestly this might be the route I go from now on. Easier to spend 5-6 hours on these then 12-13 on a whole packer.

july brisket.jpg
july brisket2.jpg
july brisket3.jpg
july brisket4.jpg
july brisket5.jpg
july brisket6.jpg


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Jun 22, 2009
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Well there you go!
That brisket looks fantastic!
I think it's brisket week around here!
Very nicely done!!

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