First smoker purchase. Is this the right one?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by michael88, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. michael88

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    I've been reading for a while and want to go electric. From all the recommendations I've read a mes30 or 40 is the way to go. I found one online and want to be sure it's the right one before pulling the trigger. Aka the good one that'll get er done.

    Thanks for the help
  2. hank2000

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    Yep it's a good one I have the same one that I have been coming king on for several years
  3. smokinal

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    That's the one. However if you can afford it, the 40 will give you a lot more room. You may not think you need the extra room, but I can assure you at some point you will be glad to have it.

    Either one will produce great Q.

  4. michael88

    michael88 Newbie

    That one has the double insulated walls correct?
  5. Double insulated walls? I am not sure what you mean by Double insulated in this instance. When I think of double insulated I  think of two layers of insulation separated by a air space. That this one does not have. However what it does have is a foam insulation that does a decent job. Lets remember that we are talking about a rather inexpensive smoker as smokers go. 

    The max temp on this smoker is 275 so it never gets real hot. There are several hot spots on my MES 30 one at the chip loader 1 on the top at the exhaust and the hottest is at the top at the door seal. None of these are extremely hot but hot enough to make you move. 

    The 20070910 is a good but basic smoker to learn on.

    The best part is the Masterbuilt costumer service dept. Remember this is a Chinese smoker..

    The above statements are only my opinions .  Jted
  6. old sarge

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    I am guessing that it should be insulated double wall construction.
  7. cobrasjp

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    Just a thought. Last month I bought a MES direct from Masterbuilt. Model 20076916, which has a glass door, leg kit, and cover. Vent is on top left and has control panel on front. $162 plus $28 shipping. $190 total. Masterbuilt said they had a bunch of them in their warehouse that they were trying to clear out.

    This might be a better model for roughly the same $$$.

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  8. cobrasjp

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    Double post. Sorry
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