First smoke with my Weber Kettle,long

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  1. I did some more reading here and found out my Weber grill
    could be used as a smoker, never tried that before so 1st
    smoke today.
    We had to go to the store so I got some quarters and  

    Got a bag of Frontier Lump Charcoal just to try. I had some
    apple saw dust from my past attempts with my other  

    smoker the Cabela's version of a Brinkman.
    Got home groceries put away time to try this smokin' stuff.
    Put saw dust in foil dumped some water on it, dust about 20
    yrs old needed a little moisture.
    Don't have  a chimney for starter coals found an empty  

    juice can whack some holes in it with a hand ax. Put in  

    some coals that were left over from last cookout and that  

    was about a month and a half ago.
    Starter coals burning. Check
    Pan on fire grate, water in pan. Check.
    Start placing charcoal around pan, put dust package on fire
    grate charcoal on top and plenty at the end. Check
    Starter coals are hot wait no handle on can, go get a
    C-clamp works great just don't leave it on the can while
    starter coals are getting hot. Ouch
    Put lid on grill thermometer in top vent hole, hey what do
    you know temp starts to rise cool might have done
    something right.
    Temps up, temps down, it it kind of windy but hey it is the
    1st smoke I'll try anything.
    Finally temp hits 230 to 240 time to put on the bird.
    4 pieces of chicken temps rise after replacing lid and than  

    the temps start dropping, temp back up than drop again so
    for 45 min. same thing continues up, down.
    Pull chicken off grill put in oven to cook.

    Lesson learned today, Take Your Time, Don't' Be in a Hurry.


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  2. I have about the same thing, mine is 22.5 inches.  First thing I did was smoked ribs.  Easy to do, and yes, I too had temperature fluctuations, and that was the first use of a new Weber.  I will figure it out though,  I also own a 30 inch MES smoker and use it a bunch.

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