First Smoke on Reverse Flow soon...wood questions

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Dec 19, 2012
NW, Ohio
Hey All,

About done with my reverse flow, check out the thread in RF section, was planning on using charcoal in chimney starter to get it rolling. I have some split apple wood I would like to you just add a split every so often to keep it rolling? Just making sure my ducks are in a row before I go do it. Dont want to ruin any good meat with a bad smoke.

I start my RF with just regular wood and some kindling. Get it going and slowly start adding larger splits into the fire. Leave the FB door and intakes wide open and feed the fire until I have flames going about 3-5ft out of the FB. Then I shut the door and let the temp start coming up, as it gets closer, I start shutting down intakes. When I'm close,  I lock my intake and let it roll. My RF is mounted on a trailer and leveled to the trailer so sometimes if I need to have her heat up faster, I'll raise the tongue of the trailer thus changing the angle of the RF plate and allowing the heat to roll through faster, regardless, once I'm close to or at temp, I make sure she's level and keep on rocking it out. I've found that when I do this, I get a good bed of coals and I only need to add one or two splits an hour to keep her steady.
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