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First Silverbac Cook


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NOTE: Pics uploaded a bit funny, not sure why.....Thanks to the greatest wife ever for the awesome early present and for letting me use it before Christmas!!
First off, this grill is pretty awesome. Customer service is outstanding, shipping is fast, and assembly was amazingly simple. Unless your Paul Bunyon, you will need a 2nd person to lift the body on the cabinet, but otherwise it was very easy. This is very well engineered. I intentionally didn't put the box out the next morning in case there was something I missed. Turns out the only thing I missed was a green cloud in my garage or potentially being called to confession.

For the pork, I recently read somewhere to use BBQ sauce instead of mustard for a better or more flavorful bark. So Friday night I rubbed on some BBQ sauce and Grilla's AP rub that came with the grill. Saturday at 515am I turned on the grill and was cooking at 525am. Now this was an odd butt - it didn't seem to have much fat/collagen in it which resulted in it being a bit dry for pork butt and more roast like. Great smoke ring and smoke flavor - I like more smokeyness so I'll likely add a tube or place a chunk on the drip pan.

For not having much fat, it did a heck of a long stall. Wrapped in butcher paper and when it finally took to 170 I raised the temp to 235, then 245. At 15 hours I took it off the heat at 193 although my goal was 200-203, it was simply getting late and still had clean up. I used the Grilla probe as well as a stick probe, they were both in agreement on temps throughout the cook.

Outside temp was 30 at the start and up to about 38 for the high. Foggy/damp the whole time but the Silverbac held its temp steady with the occasional rise - it is programmed to occasionally add some additional pellets to produce additional smoke during the cook instead of just heat, then cool off. Typically it would go up to 240 and once to 250 but quickly went back to 225. Since I was cooking pork, breakfast, and sweet potatoes I did have the lid open a few times and also to check temp probes for consistency. Each time opened, the SB quickly recovered. I estimate having used 15-20 lbs of pellets for the cook. As an upright stick/lump burner I was happy to not be out there every half hour messing with the fire but at times felt I should be doing more than I was. So I took off to the hardware store, stopped at the pet store, then later a quick trip to the grocery store. I have no problem leaving the SB to do its thing. If your considering a pellet grill, this should definitely be on your list.
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1lb per hour just seems so costly to me. But I guess if you're getting a good price on pellets, it's prob about the same as coal. Heck idk. Lol


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Thank you, this isn't something I would usually buy site unseen but I went with my gut after reading the reviews; quality is far beyond my expectations. I did go with the new model that has stainless insides, I don't think I've ever had a cooking grate this thick or heavy and the drip pan is shines like a mirror.


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Congrats on your new grill ad first cook with it. I have read nothing bout good stories about the Silverbac.

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