first outing 30" mes

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Dec 5, 2010
smoked 2 racks baby backs today. 4 hours @ 275, used cherry chips. did this before reading about 2-2-1 method. dry rubbed w/ weber dry rub, sticky fingers bbq sauce. chips turned to charcoal, gonna contact mb for the upgrade. great smoke flavor, pretty moist, fell right off the bone. not a bad first attempt.
We have a saying around here, no pics didn't happen!
 We Want Qview.....
Congrats on the smoke since it was the first outing I won't mean this when I put it up but you can expect it in the future if we don't get to see droolvision oops I mean Qview

sorry fellow smokers, wasn't aware of the pic requirement. posting rule is duly noted. next up i believe will be smoked salmon.
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 Wait til you start posting pictures...makes us all happy.

 Also makes your family think you have gone off the deep end.

   "Ummm..Honey..why you taking pictures of everything you put in that smoker?"

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Wait till you start saying no one can eat till i take pictures ,
so i had to get them out of the fridge to take a pic, there they, are in all there soon to be gone glory. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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