First ever smoke today! With Q-view...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dizuster, Jan 4, 2014.

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    Well my family was kind enough to get me a MGS 30 for x-mas.  

    Put the MGS together this morning, and it had a stripped/wrong insert for one of the rear legs...

    No problem... nothing a 1/4" tap and an old 727 torqueflite transmission pan bolt and two #10 self tappers couldn't fix.

    Seasoned it this morning, per the masterbuilt instructions... Cold day and my old propane tank was running low so it would only make it to about 375 deg in today's Michigan 20 degree weather.

    Got 3 slabs of spare ribs all rubbed up.  Just some store bought Dinosaur BBQ "Cajun Foreplay" that was in the cupboard from some buddies in Chicago.

    My best bud and his girl are coming over to partake in the first slabs.  He voted for Apple... hell why not... lets try it.

    In the smoker now... just learning how to control temps.   My hanging digital is showing 205 and the door is showing 185.   Kicked it up a notch, running just about at the "Med" setting now... we'll see where it goes form there.
  2. Looking good. Are you going to do the 3-2-1 steps or just let them go as is? Also you dont really need to soak the wood chips since you not putting them on a direct flame, just makes it take longer to make smoke.
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  3. dizuster

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    I had wondered if I needed to soak, but I figured if I didn't know soaking was safer!

    Yeah I was thinking about doing 3-2-1.  If I let them go, I am afraid they will take too long.

    By the way... when I get to step "2", is just water ok in the foil?... and how much do I need?

    My little girl is only 4, and loves ribs, so she'd be in bed by the time I was done if I didn't do 3-2-1... lol
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    dizuster  I have had good luck with  apple juice, pineapple juice or a mixture of apple cider vinegar and olive oil


    Not to much just enough to make some moisture and give it another flavor.

  5. No water. I use brown sugar, squeeze butter, more rub, and hot sauce. I like chalula. Since you have a young one eating it I would opt out out the hot sauce. It doesnt make it to hot but will put some heat on it. The butter will make it tender enough. Lay out the foil and put all that on it before you lay the ribs face down on top of it them wrap it. throwing them on face down so the meaty part of the ribs stay in the sugar and butter while its cooking. If you add anything add apple juice about a cup or so that will make them fall off the bone if thats the result you are looking for.

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