First Compitition, some questions

Discussion in 'Messages for All Guests and Members' started by coffee_junkie, May 25, 2010.

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    Well, I have assembled my team, picked an event that is close and we are starting with the planning stages. We plan on cooking with 2 UDS's and 2 ECB's. It is a sanctioned event, here is the link if anybody in interested BBQ Registration.pdf. I have read the rules, they are the PNWBA rules, very similar to the KCBS rules. My question is what do most people do about the 3 station sanitizing sink? I am thinking 3 meat tubs, a pot and a gas stove to heat the I way off, any other ideas that you folks have would be greatly appreciated, I am looking for a low cost redneck solution if at all possible. 
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    Good luck!

    I'm bumping this thread so I can see the answer.  I too am thinking about taking the plunge.
  3. txbbqman

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    I am not familiar with KCBS & PNWBA rules, but I know in IBCA 3 meat tubs and some way of getting hot water will work. It is exactly how I do it at every Comp. I don't see why it wouldn't work for your event also. They can't really expect every  team to be able to afford to pull a 3 stage sink with hot water heater, if they did they would greatly reduce the number of teams attending the event

    Good Luck and let us know how you do
  4. coffee_junkie

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    That is what I was planning on doing, just wondering if there where any other (cheap) ways to do it out there.

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